The church is meant to be a place where people receive spiritual help and encouragement. Most of the time that is where it stops but the church is supposed to be more than that. It is supposed to be a place that evangelizes the lost. It is meant to be a place where sinners can find refuge and a place where people can pray and lift one another up to the Lord. The church is designed to make a difference in the community. The community as a whole should be better because the church exists within it. The ripple effect of the church should be felt within the community that it belongs to. God has ordained the church and empowered the church to carry out the great commission of Matthew 28:19-20. Here are some questions to ask:

Am I a part of a local church?

Is my church visible in the community?

What impact has my church had on the community?

What type of discipleship is taking place in my church?

I encourage you to be in a local New Testament Church that preaches the gospel. God’s not finished with the church. The church is his plan to reach the world with the gospel!!