Whether moving into the area or just planning to visit for the first time, we understand that you have questions about what our church is like.

We each meet new people, visit new places, and encounter new situations with certain expectations. The unsaved need to know the Way that is only found in the Truth of Jesus Christ. The believer is looking for a place to grow in the grace of Jesus Christ. Our desire is that the Holy Spirit will reign supreme in the lives of those who serve at New Life Baptist. You can expect that every member at New Life Baptist Church is still learning to yield themselves to the Holy Spirit. We invite you to grow with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Version of the Bible Do You Use?

Pastor Lewis and the men that fill the pulpit at New Life Baptist Church preach from the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible exclusively. Though you may occasionally see a church member or visitor using a different version of the Bible, we believe that the authorized translation of the Bible that the English-speaking world has come to enjoy is the only translation needed for daily living. Learn what we believe about the Bible »

Our missionaries serving in other parts of the world where the Bible has not been translated fully or properly, use the best translation they can find. Many of the missionaries that New Life Baptist supports are actively translating the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into foreign languages. Learn more about our missionaries »

Am I Expected to Give an Offering?

As a visitor, you are welcome to give an offering but are not expected to do so. God’s work is done through His people’s service. One way we serve our Lord is by providing for those who work night and day to care for the church. God’s expectation for church members is that we all give back a portion of what He has given to us. This portion begins with the tithe (which means “the tenth” or ten percent). Then the Lord expects each member to give “As the Lord hath prospered him”. In addition, God expects Christians  to  be involved faithfully in world evangelism through the support of missionaries. New Life Baptist Church sacrificially supports missionaries through Faith Promise Giving as taught in the Bible.

“Many hands makes light work” the old saying goes. We invite all our members to join with us to support the increasing load the church has as it seeks to share the Gospel with the world.

What Should I Wear to Church?

New Life Baptist is a place for those seeking the Truth of God’s Word, the peace of Jesus Christ, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. It is a people of holy worship and sanctified service. We do not place an emphasis on what you wear but how you wear it. We believe that how you present yourself to the Lord should be an accurate representation of the “inner-man.” People can have the identity of their gender, the modesty that is next to Godliness and yet have the most wicked and deceitful heart. God does not look on the outward appearance but on the heart. Pastor Lewis cares more for your spiritual condition than your physical symptoms.

We invite you to come as you are. For most of our church members, worshiping the Lord is a holy and sanctified activity and so they dress accordingly. You can expect to see men wearing shirts and ties – some even suits. You can expect women to be wearing skirts and dresses – some even modest slacks. Above all, you can expect that the congregation is more concerned with their worship of God than their superficial judgment of our guests. God expects our best and so we prefer to dress in our best.

Do You Support Missionaries?

New Life Baptist Church follows the Biblical principles of supporting God’s work through prayer, service, and monies. Where we cannot serve on foreign fields, we pray for and support financially those who do have that opportunity. Our church members are encouraged to participate in regular missions offering through our Faith Promise Giving world evangelism program. New Life Baptist currently supports over 50 missionaries serving on both domestic and foreign fields all over the world. The Christian’s responsibility on earth is to reach the world with the Gospel and we take our stewardship of the Truth very seriously.

Are There Services for the Deaf?

We do not interpret the service for the Deaf, however, we do have several church members who are American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. They would be available to interpret a service in the event a visitor is Deaf or hearing impaired. If you have a special language need, please see one of our friendly greeters or ushers for assistance. Learn about the Hospitality Ministry »

Are There Services in Spanish?

We are neither a Spanish church nor do we have Spanish services. We do, however, have many people in the church who speak Spanish or other foreign languages who would be available to interpret a service in the event a visitor cannot understand English. Our own Pastor Lewis, served on the foreign field as a missionary in Columbia where he learned to speak Spanish. If you have a special language need, please see one of our friendly greeters or ushers for assistance. Learn about the Hospitality Ministry »

How Do I Join the Church?

There are three ways that the Bible teaches that someone can join the local body of Christ called the church. To join New Life Baptist Church one must first be saved. Actual membership is given to a saved individual upon:

Joining by Baptism

Baptism is reserved for new believers, believers who have never yet been baptized or for believers from a different denomination. Baptism demonstrates the believer’s identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as you identify with the doctrinal beliefs of our local assembly.

Joining by Letter

A promise of a letter from a church of like faith is reserved for believers coming from another church that has closely aligned doctrinal beliefs. The book of Romans was in a sense such a letter as it makes mention of it’s carrier Phebe, a Christian woman, to be treated with kindness as a fellow-servant at the church in Rome. Likewise, the book of Philemon was written from Paul to Philemon concerning it’s carrier Onesimus, a run-away slave. It too asked that Onesimus be restored to full-standing by Philemon, Onesimus’ previous master and an overseer of the local church.

Joining by Statement

Public profession of faith and statement of baptism is usually reserved for baptized believers who are returning to a church after a long period of church abstinence. Sometimes their former church exists no longer. They are given membership by their statement that they have been saved and baptized in a church that has closely aligned doctrinal beliefs but for different reasons stopped attending or participating in the church’s ministry.

If you are interested in joining New Life Baptist Church, we invite you to visit with us and speak to Pastor Lewis. Upon your agreement with our Statement of Faith, pastor will want to pray with you before presenting you to the church. No matter your background – if you have come to know Christ as Savior and are ready to take the next step in living for Him, we invite you to join us as we grow in grace. Plan to come this Sunday »

Do You Sing Those Old Hymns?

We at New Life Baptist enjoy the solid doctrine found in the “old-time” hymns. The Bible teaches us to worship God in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. The hymns and gospel songs whether “old” or “new” contain wonderful expressions of who God is and what Christ has done for us. We like to sing these truths. We sing the truth first and foremost in songs that are easily “singable” hymns. Some of the songs are contemporary because they are recent, but would be unrelated to the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) movement. Learn more about the Music Ministry »

Is There A Praise and Worship Band?

If you consider a choir, piano, organ, and orchestra a praise and worship band, then yes. We believe that our worship grows out of our understanding of God’s holiness. Our music is sanctified in word and in melody to the Lord. We worship God through the Spirit in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs as the Bible instructs. The instruments played in the orchestra are designed to place emphasis on the spiritual meaning of the phrases and carry the natural rhythm and timing that harmonious and melodious music should have.  Learn more about the Music Ministry »

Do You Have Sunday School?

We believe strongly in families’ studying God’s Word together. One of the many opportunities for families to learn the Bible together is to participate in Sunday School. New Life Baptist Church has a Sunday School class for every age from new borns to senior citizens. New borns? Yes, even our nursery is centered around learning the truth of God’s Word. Sunday School is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with doctrine in a focused, practical way. Find your Sunday School class »

How Many Services A Week Do You Have?

New Life Baptist believes in redeeming the time that God has given us. Our “life is but a vapor” and while we have opportunity to assemble together, we do. Pastor Lewis understands that life is busy and the demands of the world are vast, but also preaches that the things of the Lord should come first. With morning and evening Sunday worship services and Wednesday prayer and Bible study, there are plenty of opportunities to grow in grace. View all the service times »

What is the Preaching Like?

Pastor Lewis has a unique style of preaching that invites the listener to receive God’s Word. Like any preacher, he can preach hard and heavy against Biblical sin but from the heart of a seasoned Christian, he teaches with the compassion of a true pastor. You can expect to hear preaching on familiar subjects of heaven and hell, sin and sanctification, and on duty and discipleship. You can expect to hear teaching on core values of Christ-like living, practical ways to help your family, and Biblical emphasis on reaching the world with the Gospel. You can trust that the messages will be from the Bible, relevant to today’s challenges as only the Bible’s truths can be, and practical for any age group. We preach doctrine and above all we make living for Christ the central theme of New Life Baptist’s teachings. Listen to recent sermons by Pastor Lewis »

Is There A Nursery?

No mother wants to leave her little infant in the hands of someone else. In today’s world, you can never be too careful. The nursery at New Life Baptist Church is operated by mothers for mothers. We understand the concern and attachment that parents have to their little ones and we want you to see first-hand what kind of nursery care we provide. Conveniently located just outside the Main Auditorium, our nursery facilities have been specially prepared to nurture new borns all the way up to 3 years of age. Well-staffed, our qualified nursery teachers are available during every regular service of the church to care for your child in a safe and comfortable environment. We call our nursery workers teachers because even as infants, children are learning and our nursery teachers are actively engaging each child in Biblical teachings. From singing songs about God and Creation to learning the books of the Bible, our infants leave the nursery ready for “big church.”

Do You Have Programs for Children and Teens?

New Life Baptist Church is a very family-friendly church. Whether you have a teen-ager, younger children, or toddlers, there are plenty of activities and interests for them to learn in a safe and wholesome environment. Many of our families have young people who enjoy ministries where they get to serve. Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Teach your children to serve God early »

Is This A Military Church?

Located only 5 minutes from the Air Force Base, many people want to know if New Life Baptist Church is a military church. Although many of our church members come and go with the military relocations, and many are retired military, our church is a very diversified body of believers with different backgrounds and occupations both military and civilian alike. We welcome our troops to come and worship with their families while stationed in the area. New Life Baptist has many outreach programs to help encourage soldiers facing discouragement and temptation in the barracks. Although we love the military personnel in our church, we take special care to reach local civilian families as our church seeks to grow in service to the local community.

What is the Average Age of a Church Member?

Located in the heart of South-Central Texas, New Life Baptist Church is blessed to have great diversity in ages and ethnicities of our multi-cultural city. Although the average age of our church members is middle-age, we have activities and interests for the entire family. From grandparents to parents to young couples, teen agers, and children, there is a place for you. Pastor Lewis has a special burden for young couples in their 20s and 30s as they are the future of New Life Baptist Church. Find a Sunday School just for you »

Are People Friendly At This Church?

Born and raised in Texas, you cannot get much friendlier and inviting than Pastor Lewis. His Texas-size heart has an infectious way of bringing a smile to everyone. Pastor Lewis has taught us to welcome the lost and the returning prodigal like Christ taught His disciples. Our Hospitality Ministry team will be ready to greet you and usher you to your Sunday School class or seat your family in the Main Auditorium. Even if you arrive late, we will put a hymnal in your hand and joy in your heart that we hope will bring you back again and again. Come find out just how friendly New Life Baptist is »

Can I Take Part in Communion?

New Life Baptist Church observes the Lord Supper in a manner that the Bible teaches. This communion with Christ’s suffering is a remembrance of what God provided for us through His Son. It is a special ordinance that is not to be taken lightly. It is to be partaken by those who share in the salvation that God has provided. The Lord’s Supper is a remembrance of Christ, showing forth His death till He comes (I Corinthians 11.24-26). In Christ’s example and the example of His disciples, we invite anyone who is saved and scripturally baptized to take part in the Lord’s Supper on the occasions that we have it. Learn more in our Statement of Faith »